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All Pets MAY Pet of the Month

Phobe May POTM

Our MAY Pet of the Month is Phoebe

Phoebe is a real sweet little girl who has been through quite a lot in the last month. It was noticed that Phoebe had a lump at the back of her throat that was causing a lot of pain and discomfort.
After sending off a sample to the lab for analysis it was discovered that the lump was cancerous.
Phoebe has now started chemotherapy treatment to try and prevent the cancer from getting worse and spreading.
Throughout all the tests and treatment Phoebe has

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been very patient and co-operative. Good luck Phoebe!

All Pets March Pet of the Month

March 7, 2013JeremyLatest0

Our Pet Of The Month for March is Sweep!

Sweep Gallichan POTM 3.13
Sweep is a beautiful, ‘rough and tumble’ outdoor farm cat, but has had a tough time this last month.
Sweep’s owner brought him to see us because she had noticed that he had a sore eye.
After examination it was clear that Sweep had a corneal ulcer on his left eye, which due to infection had begun to ‘melt’. Despite intensive medical intervention, the damage was too severe, and the decision was made to remove his eye, to stop him from being in such discomfort.
Sweep was always a gentle boy and has taken all the treatment in his stride. Thankfully, he is happily chasing field mice again.

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