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Pet of the Month for February is Blackie!

February 22, 2017JeremyLatest0

Pet of the Month for February is Blackie!
Blackie came in to see us a short while ago after his owners were concerned about his overly frequent toileting habits! He was admitted for the day to collect a urine sample which revealed some crystals. We then performed ultrasound on Blackie because we suspected that he might have bladder stones, but there were no signs of these at the time, so Blackie was sent home on a special diet to dissolve the crystals.
A few months later the same problem started to occur with Blackie. He was again admitted with us for about a week whilst his owners were off the island so we could monitor him and give him daily medication and keep him on the special diet. By the end of the week Blackie was back to urinating normally and another ultrasound was carried out confirming that his bladder wall was back to normal.
Blackie is now at home and being maintained on the special diet which breaks down these crystals that can cause discomfort for cats. He was such a cooperative and sweet patient that we felt he really deserved to be voted Pet of the Month!

All Pets Christmas Opening Hours 2016

December 20, 2016JeremyLatest0


New Head Nurse Theresa Ruellan!

December 7, 2016JeremyLatest0

We hope you can help us in welcoming our new Head Nurse, Theresa Ruellan.

Theresa was born and raised in Jersey and originally worked in the finance industry. After spending a few years travelling, she stayed in Australia where she gained her veterinary nurse qualification.
In 2011 she came back to Jersey, and whilst working here as a veterinary nurse has completed a Certificate in Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Species.

She has grown up caring for a range of animals and currently has two seventeen year old cats named Cheeky and Misty, as well as a bearded dragon called Roxy.


Pet of the Month for December is Hazel-Ann!

December 1, 2016JeremyLatest0

Pet of the Month for December is Hazel-Ann!


Gorgeous Hazel-Ann came to see us after her very concerned owners noticed blood in her urine. Hazel-Ann was swiftly admitted for an abdominal scan which showed the presence of a 1.4 cm wide urolith, otherwise known as a bladder stone. These can prove very serious and highly painful if left untreated. This poorly pug was immediately put on strong pain relief and a special prescription diet to try and reduce the size of the stone, while we determined the best course of action. Unfortunately, a second scan revealed the stone had not reduced in size as much as we had hoped and surgery was the only option. A cystotomy was performed by Veterinary Surgeon Jeremy Miller and the urolith removed before it could cause any further pain or complications. The surgery went smoothly and we are happy to say Hazel-Ann is now pain free and back home with her loving family. See more

Pet of the Month for November is Pebble!

November 1, 2016JeremyLatest0

Pet of the Month for November is Pebble!


Here at the All Pets Veteirnary Centre we’ve learned to expect the unexpected when a new case walks in the door, and pretty ‘Pebble’ certainly fit the bill. This mischievous Golden Retriever decided to swipe a chicken satay skewer from her owner’s kitchen counter top whilst their attention was momentarily diverted elsewhere.

An ultrasound examination in the practice showed that the skewer was wedged in her stomach, and emergency surgery was required to remove the 15cm long skewer before it caused any serious internal damage. The surgery was performed without complications and we are pleased to say that Pebble has made a speedy recovery.

Fingers crossed she won’t be so hasty to steal from the kitchen again!


Pet of the Month for October is Molly!

October 1, 2016JeremyLatest0

Pet of the Month for October is Molly!


Pet of the month for October is the delightful Molly. This gorgeous Bichon Frise was admitted with severe vomiting and abdominal pain and a number of x-rays and blood tests were taken to determine the cause of such discomfort. Veterinary Surgeon Jeremy Miller, soon identified the cause as a pyometra, a very serious and sometimes life threatening infection of the uterus and very unusual in a dog of such a young age. Molly was quickly rushed into surgery to have her infected uterus removed before any more damage could occur. The surgery went very well and Molly was allowed home with her caring owners on bed rest. We are happy to report Molly is now fully recovered and back to her usual playful and happy self!

Pet of the Month for September is Bentley!

September 1, 2016JeremyLatest0


Our pet of the month for September is this happy soul Bentley.
This little Schnauzer is quite the character, spending his days meandering along the railway walk with his owner, always excited to meet new human and doggy friends. He came to see us with a skin complaint which turned out to be a ruptured cyst. He was admitted for surgery and the lump was removed under anaesthetic by Veterinary Surgeon Jeremy Miller. The surgery all went well and Bentley is now back to his usual mischievous self and enjoying his early morning walks with his caring owner.


December 31, 2014JeremyLatest0

Christmas Eve, Closing at 1pm

Christmas Day – Closed

Boxing Day – Closed

Saturday 27th December open 9 – 1pm

New Years Eve, Closing at 1pm

New Years Day – Closed


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2nd January 2015 – Open as usual

In case of an emergency please call 01534 745999, 24 hours/day.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at All Pets!

All Pets Goes Digital

June 12, 2013JeremyLatest0
Agfa with AliciaWe have invested in a brand new, state of the art, Agfa CR-30X digital radiography machine!
Digital radiography removes the need for processing of films and means that X-ray images are available almost instantly for interpretation, which means less time under under sedation/anaesthesia for your pet.
Other advantages include:
• Lower exposure means that procedure is safer for pets
• It provided superior image quality instantly which allows for more accurate interpretation
• More environmentally friendly as no need for chemicals
• Images can be stored and retrieved more easily, and the images can be viewed in both consulting rooms, so that the vet can discuss the images with you as owners.
• Images can be sent instantly to specialists anywhere around the world for second opinions
See images below for some examples of the top image quality!
rex abdo xrayabdo xray

All Pets June Pet of the Month

June 5, 2013JeremyLatest0

Our Pet Of The Month for June is Sapphire! Sapphire

Sapphire is a sweet young cat who was causing some mischief with her brother one day. She fell off a kitchen cabinet and sliced her achilles tendon in half on a broken plate. Her owner rushed her to the surgery and she was operated on to suture the tendon ends back together.
Unfortunately, Sapphire did not approve of the bandage and managed to remove it as well as rupturing the repaired tendon! Surgery was carried out again and a cast put on the leg. Since then she has been on cage rest and had lots of TLC from her family.
So far she is doing well and the tendon is healing nicely.

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