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Pet of the Month for December is Fred!

December 17, 2018Caroline Le BretonLatest0

Handsome chap Fred came to see us when he hadn’t been eating properly for just under a week. He had also become quite lethargic and not his usual Fred self! We decided to admit Fred and carry out a workup including blood testing. We were able to determine that Fred was diabetic, with his glucose levels off the scale. Fred was placed onto intravenous fluids which were infused with extra potassium to help rehydrate him and replace electrolytes. He stayed in with us over the next few days and we did a series of glucose curves (where we monitor his glucose level every hour) to ensure he was stable before sending him home with instructions for the owner about how to administer the daily insulin injections. Fred still has to come in for regular glucose curves to ensure he is still on the correct dose of insulin but we are happy to report his latest one was the best so far.

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