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Pet of the month for November is Bonnie!

This cute little lady Bonnie came into see us when she lacerated her paw, she was seen by vet nurse Yvonne where she had a clean-up and her leg was dressed with a bandage. Bonnie was booked in for a re check the next day where the vet saw her and put her on a course of antibiotics to ward off any potential infection as well as some pain relief to keep her comfortable. Bonnie had several bandage changes throughout the next few days, but unfortunately the laceration was not heeling and she had to undergo surgery so we could stitch it up. Bonnie is now a week into recovery and the wound is healing well but she will still need to keep a dressing on until fully healed. Bonnie was nominated by all the staff because she is the sweetest patient and will just lie there and take everything in her stride. WE LOVE BONNIE!

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