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Pet of the month for October is Casper!

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Casper had been projectile vomiting for a couple of days when his owners brought him in to be seen. He’s known at home to be a scavenger so we were concerned that he may have ingested something. Casper was admitted for x-rays, ultrasound and blood work to try and determine the root of his problem. After all of the diagnostics were performed nothing obvious had appeared so Casper was placed on IV fluids supplemented with potassium as his bloods showed he had low levels due to his vomiting.

After a period with hardly any improvement it was decided he would undergo exploratory surgery to see if there were any potential obstructions causing his condition. The surgery found that Casper had a section of corn on the cob lodged in his intestine, this was removed and Casper was stitched back up. Apparently, the family had not eaten any corn for a couple of months!

Once Casper was fully recovered and we could ensure that he was eating and digesting well, he was able to go back home to his family.

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