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Pet of the Month for September is Marmite!

September 18, 2018Caroline Le BretonLatest0

Marmite presented with severe hair loss around the back of his neck which had slowly continued to get worse. On first inspection our thoughts were that it could be due to a seasonal allergy, reaction to medicine or stress. Marmite and his family had just recently moved house, so there were a lot of new factors to incorporate in the diagnostic process. We returned on a house visit to Marmite two weeks later as there had been no improvement. We then took skin scrapes from the affected area around his neck, and blood samples to be sent away for testing at an external laboratory. The results showed that Marmite has an allergy to Birch and Oak trees, some of which can be found in his new neighbouring garden. A specially made immunotherapy vaccination has now been ordered tailored to his allergens which be will be injected on a regular basis.

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