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Pet of the Month for August is T-Bone!

T-Bone was rushed into us when he was hit by a car and got his back got caught under a wheel. T-Bone was admitted on arrival after a check with the vet. You could even see the tyre track across his back! We placed an intravenous line into T-bone’s leg to make sure we could give him emergency drugs if necessary, we then took a blood sample to check if everything was OK internally. After we had the results of the blood test we then knew we were OK to safely sedate and x-ray T-bone’s pelvis and spine. He also had an ultrasound to make sure that his bladder had not ruptured from the impact. The results of the x-rays indicated that T-bones pelvis had been fractured. Fortunately, the broken bones had not moved much, so surgery was not indicated.
T-Bone was sent home with pain relief to take daily and the owners were instructed to keep him in a cage to enforce rest. He has since been in for a check-up and advised a further two weeks of cage rest with the view to being referred for physiotherapy or hydrotherapy treatment to help strengthen the muscles around the pelvis.

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