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Our Pet of the Month for July Is…. Jackson! 

Jackson came to see us when his owner began to notice him becoming a little lethargic, he had stopped jumping up on furniture and was staggering as getting up. He also began getting slower on his walks and was struggling to get up and down the stairs.
After examination by vet Emily, she decided it was best to take bloods from Jackson to run a full health profile to see if we could identify any underlying health issues.
The bloods revealed a very high glucose level in Jackson’s bloods which indicated that he had diabetes mellitus.
It was then arranged for Jackson’s owners to have a consult with our nurse Jess where we could advise on how to give insulin and make a plan to help stabilise Jackson’s diabetes.
Jackson has since been in for a glucose curve with us so we can see how his insulin is being controlled and if we need to adjust doses, he is now on a higher dose to better control it. He is still adjusting to these changes at the moment and he is feeling much better. His owners are doing an excellent job at administering his medication and checking his blood glucose levels.

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