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Pet of the month for February is George!

George came into see us when his owner suspected that he had a reaction to some medication given in the morning, as he was salivating from the mouth. On examination it was found that it was more likely that he had been hit by a car as he had other injuries. George had a lesion under his chin, a laceration of the tongue, and his upper right canine had broken off at the gum line. His claws were also scuffed, which is usually an indication that a cat has had a run in with a car, and he also had some bruising on his abdomen. He was kept in overnight on fluids and pain relief and had some x-rays to see if there was any internal damage.
Once George’s condition had stabilised he was sent home with pain relief medication and instructions to minimise activity in order to heal.
Having given George some time to heal, he was then scheduled in to have his broken tooth removed, which would have been causing him some discomfort.
George has since been in for a check-up and we are happy to report he is healing very well.


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