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Pet of the Month for September is Lucy!

September 27, 2017All PetsLatest0

Lucy is the sweetest 11 year old cross-breed Jack Russell Terrier.

A couple of weeks ago Lucy’s owners became worried when Lucy didn’t want to be picked up and would yelp in pain when done so, she also wouldn’t touch any of her food.
Lucy’s condition worsened when she started to involuntarily shake as well as losing control over her muscle movements (ataxia). 
We proceeded to do x-rays to help us determine what was going on with Lucy. Unfortunately, nothing obvious presented on the x-rays so Lucy was referred for an MRI.
The results of the MRI showed that an intervertebral disc was causing mild compression of Lucy’s spinal cord, and this compression was likely to be causing her clinical signs. A decision was made to rest Lucy and give her pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs. Lucy has responded well to this treatment and is now walking much better.

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