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Pet of the Month for February is Blackie!

February 22, 2017Caroline Le BretonLatest0

Pet of the Month for February is Blackie!
Blackie came in to see us a short while ago after his owners were concerned about his overly frequent toileting habits! He was admitted for the day to collect a urine sample which revealed some crystals. We then performed ultrasound on Blackie because we suspected that he might have bladder stones, but there were no signs of these at the time, so Blackie was sent home on a special diet to dissolve the crystals.
A few months later the same problem started to occur with Blackie. He was again admitted with us for about a week whilst his owners were off the island so we could monitor him and give him daily medication and keep him on the special diet. By the end of the week Blackie was back to urinating normally and another ultrasound was carried out confirming that his bladder wall was back to normal.
Blackie is now at home and being maintained on the special diet which breaks down these crystals that can cause discomfort for cats. He was such a cooperative and sweet patient that we felt he really deserved to be voted Pet of the Month!

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