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Pet of the Month for December is Hazel-Ann!

Pet of the Month for December is Hazel-Ann!


Gorgeous Hazel-Ann came to see us after her very concerned owners noticed blood in her urine. Hazel-Ann was swiftly admitted for an abdominal scan which showed the presence of a 1.4 cm wide urolith, otherwise known as a bladder stone. These can prove very serious and highly painful if left untreated. This poorly pug was immediately put on strong pain relief and a special prescription diet to try and reduce the size of the stone, while we determined the best course of action. Unfortunately, a second scan revealed the stone had not reduced in size as much as we had hoped and surgery was the only option. A cystotomy was performed by Veterinary Surgeon Jeremy Miller and the urolith removed before it could cause any further pain or complications. The surgery went smoothly and we are happy to say Hazel-Ann is now pain free and back home with her loving family. See more

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